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Door-to-Door Valet Trash pick-up from tenant's door by Professional, Clean-Cut Uniformed Service Valets Sun-Thurs

Is trash and recycling picked up on different days of the week?

Trash and recycling will be picked up together. On days trash is being picked up, recycling can also be picked up.

What materials can be placed in the recycling bin?

Aluminum, paper, plastic and glass. The materials will always be marked on your recycling bin.

How many bags can be placed outside at once?

The limit is for how ever many can fit into the waste bin that is provided.

Can junk removal be requested?

Yes. Junk Removal is an additional service we provide. We will need 48 hours of notice prior to the junk pickup.

Is there a weight limit on the trash?

No. If all trash is in the provided waste bin in a trash bag and placed outside the front door, we’ll pick it up.

What cities do you serve valet trash?

Serving the Greater Omaha Metro Area.

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